Thursday, January 1, 2009

An Introduction

What does pink mean to you?

Perhaps it’s a coveted designer label wrapped in the finest silk, or a shining reminder of the importance of breast cancer awareness. Maybe it's the memory of a high school sleepover with five of your closest girlfriends, giggling until dawn about which member of the football team has the best derriere.

Maybe it makes you think of the soft blush on the cheeks of a newborn baby when she smiles for the very first time, or the first radiant blooms of spring, prodding you with their fragrant resilience to grow and flourish in your own right. Or perhaps it simply brings to mind the perfect embodiment of all that it means to be completely and unabashedly female.

There are any number of possibilities. But to us, it means all those things and more. In our eyes, pink isn’t just another slot on the color-wheel, it’s a state of mind. As self-proclaimed Pink Ladies, we have joined here on a mission. Ours is a pilgrimage of the heart, with fondest aspirations to make you, the readers, fall deeply, irrationally, irrevocably in love.

We have a lot of exciting topics to explore on our blog, and a few giveaways in the works as well – including a Valentine’s Day gift basket to celebrate our favorite day of the year! Visit often and feel free to comment, we love to hear from our readers.

Here’s to 2009, a brilliant new year bursting at the seams with endless possibilities!

And now, a special note from the ladies themselves:

Tracy Preston
Author of Destiny's Captive
Information and Excerpts:

Whenever someone asks me what my dreams and aspirations are as a writer, I have to laugh at the images that spring to mind. I’ve related this in interviews before, but I'll mention it again because it's always the first thing I think of. If you’ve ever seen the Meryl Streep comedy, She-Devil, you will remember Mary Fisher and her pink palace by the sea. (Who wouldn't want a seaside mansion with their own personal Garcia?!)

As a creator of sometimes outlandish fiction, I’d be lying if I said deep down in my heart of hearts I don’t dream big. Of course I do -- what kind of writer would I be if I didn't? Dreams are, after all, a little piece of our hearts drifting to the surface to give us hope for a brighter tomorrow.

If someday I break out by penning a great story at just the right time (you go Stephenie Meyer!), you won’t hear me complaining. But for now, I’ll settle for my three-bedroom, leaky bathroom sink, never enough storage space despite the basement, piece of suburban apple pie. If along my journey I should manage to make someone smile on an otherwise ho-hum day, or a few hearts flutter with avid anticipation of just when in the heck that stubborn heroine is going to give in and admit she loves her hero, I can say I’ve done my job. That’s the most an author can hope for, really…that we have an opportunity to tell our stories, and tell them well.

While we’re on the subject of stories, at the moment I find myself elbow deep in the sequel to Destiny’s Captive, the second installment in the historical Destiny Series, this one about Lucian’s charming younger brother, Robert. I am also well on my way toward finishing a contemporary vampire story that could be the beginning of a beautiful series. I am having a blast developing the characters for Tempted by Moonlight, as vampires do have a certain visceral appeal.

In the meantime, thanks so much for joining us as we endeavor to become the very pinkest we can be. Do stop by and visit often, we just might have a contest or two on the horizon!

Happy New Year!

Sloan Seymour
Author of That Montana Summer
Information and Excerpts:

Hey all! Sloan Seymour here. So happy you stopped by to visit our blog. The three ladies I share this blog with are exceptionally savvy writers, so stay tuned to see what's happening.....!

As for me, I've been writing for six years now. My first book was released in 2008, and it's been very exciting going through the process of publication. The most rewarding part is hearing feedback from readers. It's a great day when someone says they love your book. And even better, when they order you to get your butt back in the chair so they can read the next one.

That said, I am at work on several projects right now - one being a romantic thriller that's truly a pain to plot but is fun to write for the characters and storyline are quite compelling. When I'm not wrapping my brain around plot lines and characters, I work as an RN on an oncology floor. Yes, the talk about a starving writer is true. Food doesn't miraculously appear on the table. :) I enjoy nursing but it is indeed a draining job and losing myself to good-looking heroes and feisty heroines is very much second nature at the end of the day.

Thanks again for reading my bio. Have a great day and stay tuned to our blog!

Sloan Seymour

Katherine L. Logan
Author of The Ruby Brooch
Information and Excerpts:

I'm Katherine Logan, and I'm a writerholic. {Clap, clap, clap} Whew! You can't imagine how difficult that was. I've finally acknowledged my addiction and am on the way to recovery!

It started when I was a teenager, I suppose. My grandmother, Aquilla Jones Lowry, received one of my poems and was so thrilled to have it, that she felt compelled to publish it in a local artsy newsletter. The muse comes from her, you know, and when it chooses to disappear for a while, I blame her for taking it back. I realize, of course, that that's nonsense. But nonetheless, she was the keeper of the family muse until she passed away.

I write time-travel, historical romances. I completed one book and am very close to completing it again. Some think I'm making a career of this one story. I know I'm not, that I just didn't tell it the right way the first time around. After I finish it, sometime before spring, I'll send it off to my editor at The Wild Rose Press and move on to the next adventure in the Gemstone Trilogy, leaving behind the Oregon Trail for the last year of the Civil War. When the war's over we'll head over to San Francisco and discover what life and love were like in the late 1800's.

When I'm not feeding my addiction, I work so I can spoil my grandchildren. I spent twenty years as a paralegal and law firm office manager until I walked away to see what the rest of the world had to offer. I worked for former Governor John Y. Brown, Kentucky Educational Television, Second Presbyterian Church of Lexington, a telecommunications company, and now I'm working for a one hundred year old global mining machinery company learning that coal is not a dirty-four-letter word.

Like my fellow Pink Ladies, I am delighted that you have stopped by to visit and hope you'll return often.


Teresa Reasor
Author of Captive Hearts
and Highland Moonlight
Information and Excerpts:

I’m Teresa Reasor. I’m an artist, teacher and writer. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, writing a long as I could read, and teaching for eighteen years.

My first love is writing. I can lose myself in another time and place, and experience fantastic adventures vicariously through my characters. And if I fall in love with my hero along the way-- I get to experience the first bloom of romance without really being unfaithful to my hubby of thirty-four years.

Now that my three children are busy building lives of their own, I can now concentrate on weaving plots and crafting bad guys, and the strong characters who oppose them. I write alpha heroes (most of them warriors), feisty, stubborn heroines, and conflict, conflict, conflict.

And I’m a sucker for a happy ending. I feel cheated without one.

Currently I’m working on a contemporary military romantic suspense (for those of you who love Navy SEALs) and a paranormal romance set in Scotland that's possibly the hardest and best thing I've ever written (Or I believe so). I hope both will be contracted someday soon.

Thanks for blogging with us!
Teresa Reasor


Anonymous said...

Good luck ladies with the new blog! I'll be checking in.

Miriam Newman said...

Congrations, Teresa and friends. It's such a special feeling creating your blog. I am another self confessed workaholic and seldom visit blogs because i'm always working. But this one was very enjoyable. Teresa, your cover for Highland Moonlight knocked me out! Best of luck.


Julie Robinson said...

Good morning, ladies. Congrats on starting your new blog. Please remind us on Celtic Hearts from time to time about something in particular you're blogging on so I don't forget. Julie

Chicks of Characterization said...

Hi Pink Ladies!! This looks like a fabulous site! Love the pink background!! I think I know some of you through CHRW and myspace! Keep up the good work- and I hope to see you around the blog!!

Andrea :O)

Cari Quinn said...

Found out about your blog on one of the KOD loops and will definitely be stopping by in the future! Best of luck and happy writing! :)

Pat McDermott said...

What a great way to kick off the New Year! Your site looks fabulous, ladies. Best of luck!

Eliza Knight said...

Hi Pink ladies!

Love your site! Good luck and I'll be checking in often.


P.L. Parker said...

Good site - hope you get lots of hits.

P.L. Parker

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, ladies, on the launch of your blog! I love the layout and the colors. It’s very…pink!  Looking forward to reading your blog topics. Good luck, be well, and Happy New Year!!!

Nicole North said...

Beautiful blog, pink ladies!! I love the design!! Congrats and Happy New Year!

Terry Odell said...

Congrats on your grand opening. The best to you all.

Ambersc said...

The site looks great....

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New year..

Think Pink..... :)

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hallooo Pink Ladies! Another Wild Rose Press author here swinging by to say hello. I see that we have several "friends" in common. Both Cheryl Norman and Renee Ryan are members of my First Coast Romance Writers chapter in Jacksonville.

I'm also in with another group of TWRP authors who created our own chat loop: The Book Spa. Please drop over sometime for a visit. We're at:

Wishing you the best of luck with your Inspiration blog.

Maggie Toussaint

Anonymous said...

HI Ladies!
I am so glad to find an inspirational blog. Times look like they might start to get tough and its good to have positive, upbeat authors to read!
I'm Jennifer Childers and my book "Kindertransport" comes out in August of this year. I look forward to reading your blogs and getting to know your writing.
Be well and Happy new Year!

Jan Scarbrough said...

Hi, Pink Ladies! Thanks for linking to the SisterWriters. Blogging together is fun. Hope you have as much fun as Maddie, Janet, Mags and I have.

Magdalena Scott said...

Happy New Year, Pink Ladies! I'll second what Jan said about the fun of blogging together. You've definitely got a good start!

Maddie James/Kim Jacobs said...

Congrats Ladies on this beautiful blog! It is so PINK! Seriously, how exciting for all of you. I'll be visiting often and "following" you through my own blogger page, so am glad to have hooked up with you here. Best of luck! Sounds like you have some great things planned. Looking forward to learning more about your books. :)


Denise said...

What a beautiful Blog! I look forward to reading more of your posts. I want to welcome you to the blogs! I have one myself. It's great feeling to be able to share your work, thoughts, etc.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your blog. It's very nice.
Ann Ambrosio

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, ladies. This looks good. Hope you get lots of hits.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation. I wish you great success with your blog and your books.
Another Kentucky writer,
Linda Swift

Unknown said...

Great way to start the New Year Ladies! Heard about this on KYRW and have already linked you on my blogspot and I'll be checking in often!

Marie-Claude Bourque said...

Welcome to the blog world ladies and as Julie said, remind us of new posts at Celtic Heart.
Here's to a great new year!

Love PINK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Teresa and Friends,

What a wonderful and beautifully designed site Pink's my favorte color! Good luck on the launching of your blog. I look forward to hearing more from you in the coming New Year. Happy Writing.

linda swift said...

Hello, I'm having a problem posting this but wanted to wish you great success with your blog.
Another Kentucky writer,
Linda Swift

Sandy in Northern Kentucky said...

Hello Fabulous Ladies,
Reviewing your site caused my heart to open up and smile! Looking forward to 2009 together.

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