Monday, January 26, 2009

Hero Archetype: The Warrior

The Warrior

Warrior. The word, hard edged and blunt, brings to mind a lean muscular man in uniform or a medieval Celt swinging a sword. He recognizes evil and wants to destroy it. And he is merciless in his quest to right the wrongs it perpetrates on the innocent. But no matter how dangerous the task, failure is not an option. He never dwells on the possibility he may die. So strong is his sense of right, he accepts that he may have to do just that to achieve justice.

The Warrior’s sense of honor cannot be tainted. He is above bribery, is self-sacrificing, and is faithful to a fault. Through his strong sense of right and wrong, and his deeds of heroism, he earns the respect and loyalty of those who follow him.

He expects other people to live up to his high standards of nobility. Because he views things as black and white without any gray areas, it leaves him open to betrayal.

But fighting the good fight is only one side of this character. Once his loyalty or love is given it’s unshakable. He will move heaven and earth to protect and provide for his loved ones. He makes no excuse for anything he might do to that end.

The Warrior is sometimes an avenger. He steps up to the plate when others run away. Though he wants to live his life like any other man, he is sometimes forced to stand as the last defense rather than leaving those weaker in the grip of evil.

But despite all this nobility and strength, every Warrior has the same major problem---finding a woman strong enough, self-sufficient enough, and brave enough to love a man who repeatedly throws himself into the path of danger, and is forever risking his life, and possibly hers. But being a Warrior, he never says die, never gives up, and once he finds that woman, his love never wavers.

And that leads to the burning question “What kind of heroine archetype would best fit the Warrior?” Tell me what you think ladies and gents.

Be sure to join us next week for another installment of the Hero Archetypes.

Posted by: Teresa Reasor


Unknown said...

me, hehe im the type,
well i would love ot be
though i love them all, the warrior, swashbuckler, the bad bad boy

Tracy Preston - Romance Writer said...

Hi Teresa -- great blog!

I love this archetype. There's nothing sexier than a dark knight to the rescue.


Devon Matthews said...

Terrific post, Teresa! I love the warrior archetype. As for meeting his match, I'd pair him with the Spunky Kid. :o)

Julie Robinson said...

Hey Pink Ladies,

I am loving your hero archetypes.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Knowing you, Teresa, I'm not surprised you write warrior heroes! And you write them well! Alexander and Matthew will always have a piece of my heart, as will Hawk and Duncan all your other heroes who WILL someday see print! I've got say, I'm a sucker for a warrior-type, not only for their strength, but for the warrior heart that is loyal and steadfast!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, I love the warrior archetype! Duty, honor, terrific bod from all the training & fighting....


Helen Hardt said...

Ah yes, nothing like the warrior. So sexy! As for his ultimate heroine? I'm not sure I could choose. Part of the fun of writing is pairing up different archetypes and seeing how the romance blossoms ;).


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