Monday, July 20, 2009

Villain Archetype: The Sadist

Smart and sly, the Sadist wants you for dinner. He’s waiting just to trip you up. One false move and you are his. Not only is the game rigged in his favor--he invented it, with the cruel intention of watching you suffer. If he’s picked you, applaud yourself for he wants an intellectual challenge.

Prime example is the movie Seven with Kevin Spacey. Spacey plays serial killer “John Doe” who rationalizes his crimes as absolution for the world's ignorance of the Seven Deadly Sins. In the end, Brad Pitt is ensnared by Spacey’s sin of envy and commits the sin of wrath by murdering Spacey in a fit or rage. All of this part of his plan to show people what the world is like and to punish the wicked.

The warped mind of the Sadist views violence and misery as a sport. He may play an active role in your anguish or take a seat behind-the-scenes. Recall the movie Saw? The Jigsaw killer, played by Tobin Bell was a backseat architect of torture yet in the end we learn he was the corpse lying in the center of the room.

The Sadist doesn’t intend human harm or death but will laugh with ease at your demise, though he will likely pout shall you expire before a few thrills. In his game, you don’t want to be the mouse. Trust me.

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Sloan Seymour


Teresa Reasor said...

Do you think the Joker in the Dark Knight is a sadistic villain?
I'm still trying to think of some others. I guess all the villains in slasher movies would be sadistic. What about the movie When A Stranger Calls? God, talk about creepy. And Mark Walburg in Fear with Reese Witherspoon.
Creepy guys. Gives me the willies just to think about them.

Tracy Preston - Romance Writer said...

What about Dennis Hopper in Speed? (That was Dennis Hopper wasn't it?)
I think he was a sadist. :)

Good post, Sloan.

Mary Ricksen said...

I am sorry I haven't been here for awhile, I am just finishing a book. I'll be back soon.
Sadists, Hmmm, My DH when he wants dinner.(grin) said...

I have the movie Speed listed as an "Evil Genius." Because I think he likes toying with people more than killing them. You agree?

I will have to check out Fear. Being a Reese Witherspoon fan, I thought I had seen all of her movies. Thanks for the info!!


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