Sunday, August 16, 2009

Villain Archetype: The Evil Genius

The Evil Genius has an evil plan--for you. Intricate puzzles are his specialty and he’s contrived one in your honor. This character not only has street smarts but is a walking encyclopedia of just about everything. Brilliant, clever, skilled and determined this bon-a-fide show off has a unquenchable appetite to beat you in his game of life or death. You’ll think you’re a player only to learn your nothing but his pawn. Unrelenting, this villain’s always two steps ahead.

Dennis Hopper in Speed. Recall the crazed bus driving 50mph on the freeway with the huge gap? Sounds like something only an Evil Genius could contrive. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves were pawns for the hell-bent, retired officer Howard Payne until the very end.

I Robot. Ah, ha. The Evil Genius here is the main computer, VIKI, aka Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence. VIKI controls all the robots in the film, who are commonly used as servants. Will Smith’s character detests the technology of robots and, in the end deactivates her Positronic brain with the help of good robot, Sonny.

Primal Fear. The genius here is played by Edward Norton. OMG, what a creepy sociopath of an altar boy he portrayed. Aaron Stampler and his multiple personality “Roy” played Richard Gere’s character, Martin Vail, like a finely tuned fiddle--until Vail questions a moment of “lost time” both personalities are privy to.

Other movies include Eagle Eye, Fractured, and Murder By Numbers.

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Sloan Seymour


Teresa Reasor said...

I've been trying to come up some other Evil Geniuses. What about the bad guy in the last Die Hard movie. He knew how to manipulate the cell phones, satelites, and technology in general.
Teresa said...


Yeah, I think he fits the mold as well. Good movie, btw. I'm trying to think of more....


Jennifer Johnson said...

Ever seen Phineas and Ferb? They have an awesome evil genius. I think his name is Dr. Dufinsmertz. It's hilarious - a parody of some of the evil geniuses you name. His nemesis is Perry the Platypus. I guess you can tell I have little kids.

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