Sunday, June 21, 2009

Leading RWA into the Future

After a disappointing response from RWA President Diane Pershing in regards to digital publishing, I found myself at a loss.

(You can find that info here...)

She basically said if digitally published authors left the organization altogether, it wouldn't matter to them, and suddenly I wasn't sure if I wanted to be associated with RWA anymore. But then I read a few posts from authors in reaction to Ms. Pershing's comments, and I agreed that it is OUR RWA -- we love our local groups, and we should fight for our rights as paying members! We should no longer allow them to ignore us.

This is an issue that concerns all authors. As we move farther into the digital age, even the NY print houses are converting books into digital format. Don't you think RWA should be educating its members on the ins and outs of digital publishing (contract differences, how to distinguish between a good digi-publisher and a bad one, etc.)?

Now is the time to stand up and speak. You've paid your membership dues, worked hard to complete a manuscript (or several), and had it/them published by a royalty paying publisher. Your needs should be considered every bit as important as any other author!

Respected literary agent Deidre Knight (The Knight Agency) has started a Yahoo Group in advocation of RWA recognizing OUR voices.

It's time to make your vote count!

Also, you can show your support by signing our petition in favor of positive changes for the future of RWA. You'll find that link here:

(*Must be a member in good standing.*)

Or, if you're interested in signing a proxy vote over to Kristen Painter, ESPAN President, when she goes to the AGM meeting to advocate our cause at nationals (there's strength in numbers), detailed instructions can be found here:

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