Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Special Guest Maddie James

Glad you could join us at Inspiration, Ink. today cause you're in for a real treat. We're excited to welcome special guest, Resplendence Publishing author Maddie James. But you'd better remember -- Nobody puts Maddie in a closet! Uhhh....unless it's Maddie??

Move Over Maddie

Move over, Maddie, there is another chick in town.

What, you say? You were expecting Maddie James? Well forget about that because she’s not showing up today. Why? Because I told her to stay home. Yes, That’s right. She’s been hogging the spotlight lately all over the ‘net and for once, I’m taking charge.

And oh, how I love to take charge.

With cuffs. Ropes. Silk scarves. A leather riding crop… And usually with more than one man. That’s right. I said more than one. Threesome. More?


You didn’t expect that? Well, of course not. Although Maddie can dish out some pretty spicy sex herself, I, on the other hand, like to push the envelope further and further and…well, definitely to the edge and back again.

So who am I?

I’m Mia. Maddie’s kinky sister, so to speak. Mia Jae, to be exact. Maybe I’m an alter-ego. Who knows for sure? All I know is that I go places that Maddie hasn’t dared to go…

And guess what? I’m soooo glad about that. Hey, I don’t need the competition. Maddie does pretty well for herself in her own right, but me? Mia? I wanna make my own name.

So that’s why I’m limiting myself in some respects. I love ménage a trios relationships. I’m into ropes and cuffs and bondage and stuff. Sometimes I like to be submissive and at times, I like to be dominant. One thing is for sure, I love men.


So here is the deal. I’m just moving into the erotica scene here, you know? I’ve got one story already floating around out there. It’s a holiday story but let me tell you, it’s a scorcher for any time of the year. You can find out about it on my website, at Just look for my story called, Nice and Naughty.

I know what you are thinking, huh? That I’ve pulled the old April Fool’s joke on you? Oh no, forget that. Mia Jae is alive and well, and ready to make a name for herself. No stopping me now.

Maddie? Oh. Yeah. I’ll go let her out of the closet now.

Both Mia AND Maddie's books are available now. Click here for more info on Mia Jae's Nice and Naughty; and here for details about Maddie James's Perfectly Matched (Book 1 in The Matchmaking Chef Series).


Maddie James said...

Good morning, ladies! Thanks so much for having me, er, us here today. Mia and I are very excited about the possibilities of tag-teaming the romance/erotica genre. It's been fun and we look forward to future adventures!

I, um, we, are off to the day job this morning but will check back when we are through. Have a great day, and talk soon. No joke!


and, Mia

Mary Ricksen said...

I love your book covers Maggie, and in or out of a closet, have a good April fools day. I hope you laugh!!

Vickie said...

Love, love, love your blog. It says very clearly that you have a wicked sense of humor and an active imagination. Wait, you must be an author.

Does Maddie ever have to tell Mia to step aside during a writing session. Mia sounds like she's pretty much in charge when she wants to be. That's gotta interrupt the prose when Maddie is on a roll and the words are flowing. It also sounds like Maddie can hold her own. lol

Great article. Its a fun read.

Good luck,

Teresa Reasor said...

I love the blog. I'm sure you'll do well with your "Nawty Books" As Rosemary Laurey calls hers.
I've never tried to write Irotica. Maybe I need to read yours and get inspired.
Write on,
Teresa R.

Jennifer Madden said...

Mia, you naughty, naughty girl! Just read Nice and Naughty and was very intrigued. Aren't you an ornery girl!
Good job! Keep them coming!
(No pun, really!)

Teresa Reasor said...

I suppose I need to learn to spell Erotica before I try to write it.
It's a shame that everyone has stayed off the net today because of the worm threat. They've missed a fun blog. Maybe they'll comment tomorrow.

Maddie James said...

Thanks, Mary, Vickie, Jennifer and Teresa! I appreciate your stopping by, even with the worm threat! I do love the covers RP does for my books. M&M are lucky girls in that respect. you liked Nice and Naughty? LOL So glad. Mia is working on her next one...deadline in May but it won't be out until the fall. Teresa...try it! It is very freeing.... :)

night all, I hope the worm didn't get ya.


Sophia Danu said...

Great blog Maddie, er, Mia! :) These look great! I love the covers too. You definitely make juggling both persona's sound fun!

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