Thursday, February 19, 2009

KYRW Writing Workshop

Spring Into Writing With KYRW!

Have you ever wondered just what goes on behind the closed doors of an RWA chapter meeting? Or maybe you're entertaining the idea of writing a romance yourself (believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds). Or still yet, maybe you've finished that manuscript, and you're looking to fine tune it, but could use a few pointers. This workshop could give you the very answers you've been looking for!

Just to name a few, we've scheduled Alicia Rasley as our featured guest-speaker, and she'll be presenting a workshop on Channeling Your Characters for Dramatic Plot through the Story Journey. Best-selling paranormal author Anya Bast will also be in attendance, presenting a workshop on moving from epub to NY print. We'll also have Leigh Collett, Resplendence Publishing's CEO -- and she'll be taking pitches, so call or email Kathy Logan to set up your appointment ASAP!

What more could you ask for from a writers' event when we've recruited our very own experts in the field of craft and publishing?? And as an added bonus, this time only, KYRW is opening its doors to everyone. That's right, member or not, you're invited. This is your chance to sneak a peek behind the veil, so make it a point to be there! We'd love to meet you!!

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Charlene said...

This will be so much fun!

Julie Robinson said...

That looks like a great workshop. I wish it were a bit closer to Louisiana!

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